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What is IESR?

IESR is the UK's free catalogue of information about electronic resources and research collections. It provides an academic "Yellow Pages" to support discovery and use of scholarly resources. Use IESR to search and browse a wide range of open access repositories, library collections and catalogues, image collections, datasets and e-learning collections. Subject coverage includes arts and humanities, social sciences, health and medicine, science and technology.

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IESR provides a gateway to information about significant research collections in the UK. Discover new resources by searching or browsing, use the search plug-ins within your own site or use the machine interfaces to exploit IESR content within your own applications.



If your collection is not represented in IESR then you can submit details here. IESR content is indexed by search engines so by contributing to IESR you will promote your collection to a global audience, improving access and usage.

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Linked Data

29 July 2011

At IESR, we have begun the process of extending our machine interfaces to make our content available in a form that can be used by the Linked Data community. The first step has been to convert IESR metadata to RDF triples encoded using the RDFa microformat within our web pages.

We've also created a set of URIs to represent the collections, such as: for Zetoc. The full list of collection URIs is given in a sitemap that uses the Semantic Web sitemap extensions: (warning: large document!)

We are currently looking at making the same metadata available via a SPARQL endpoint for more flexible access.

This work is ongoing and experimental and we would welcome any comments or suggestions on the form this output should take. We'd also love to know of any uses you'd like to put our data to.

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